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As a specialised grinder, NESKAO is the first company in Africa to operate on the niche market
for unconventional raw cocoa materials to produce cocoa liquor undergrade, at a worldwide scale.

Since 2021 NESKAO is certified FSC 22 000 V.5 recognized by GFSI and work for food grade industry.


Located in IVORY COAST - the best place in the world for cocoa sourcing -,

NESKAO establishes itself as a leading partner in the cocoa industry.


NESKAO is the only producer of a Natural substandard Cocoa Paste (100% cocoa products),
perfectly suitable for food industry (for Human consumption) but also cosmetic, pharmaceutical and veterinary industries, under certain conditions. 


As an innovative company, NESKAO has designed new methods of treating and recycling unconventional cocoa (under-grade cocoa beans, industrial wastes and residues of cocoa, in balanced recipes).

For that, NESKAO receives the support of its Government and of the Conseil Café-Cacao of Ivory Coast.


Its achieved expertise allows NESKAO to offer the best prices in the market,
while fully respecting food safety international norms. 

NESKAO makes its priority in always improving its process and quality controls.


After few years of research and development, NESKAO produces substandard cocoa paste
at an excellent quality/price ratio on the market. 


With an existing capacity of 12 000 MT/year of natural substandard Cocoa Paste

and soon
5 000 MT of Natural Cocoa Butter and 15 000MT of natural Cocoa Cake from expeller method,
NESKAO has a nice orderly growth rate.


NESKAO is a family-owned company engaged as a responsible corporate citizen in its value chain

and for Africa's development.

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