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NESKAO is highly concerned by social issues and participates as far as it can in the improvement of its environment and the conditions of living of its local employees, their families and partners.


In Abidjan…


2 actions are pursued:

Provide a first access to medical care in emergency case and contribute education.


Beneficiaries: single mothers and children.


NESKAO gives financial assistance for medical care and intervenes in emergency cases, in partnership with the pharmacy "Pharmacie des Entreprises" and VRIDI Hospital for its employees and single mothers in distress around the factory.


NESKAO also takes charge of children's tuition fees (school fees and and other basic needs) and incentives to improve the children's development and the promotion of girls' schooling.


Presently, NESKAO is the largest corporate funder of children's tuition in cocoa industry in Ivory Coast. Our aim is to help and encourage parents to keep their children at school, instead of putting them at work from early ages.


NESKAO also participates in fixing some simple but main issues like school transport in Port Bouet – Abidjan.












NESKAO plans to extend its action for schooling promotion and developing school transports. 

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