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NESKAO pays attention to create a safe environment for work.
We are making as much efforts as possible to improve our environmental performance.


As a buyer of unconventional cocoa products, NESKAO helps to upgrade the quality of Ivorian cocoa.

NESKAO has received the support of the Government of Côte d’Ivoire and The Conseil Café-Cacao for that.


Trough our agreement with the Government, we are trying to make sure that processing the raw materials we purchase will create long-term economical, ecological, and social value for farmers, agents, communities, and governments.

NESKAO is working to put in place it own foundation “NESKAO Foundation for life”.

NESKAO is a family-owned company engaged as a responsible corporate citizen in its value chain and for a sustainable Africa's development. 


At our stage, being responsible means taking care of our employees, our products, our customers, partners and our relationships in the cocoa supply chain.

Local responsibilities...

NESKAO is highly concerned by social issues and participates as far as it can in the improvement of its environment and the conditions of living of its local employees, their families and partners.



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