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Close to the farmers…

8 000 people are indirectly employed as workforce in the NESKAO's cocoa value chain.


At its level, NESKAO is providing all the support possible
to improve the conditions of living of the planters, farmers and their families, they are mainly women.


NESKAO works for the respect of the law in favour of

the creation to real solution to sort out of the issue of child labour on cocoa plantations and for the promotion of instruction, mainly by concrete local actions. 

NESKAO contributes to the construction of infrastructures for farmers in villages around plantations as we are regularly helping

to build: bridges, roads, wells, and connections to energy sources.


In addition to this, NESKAO gives its support to school attendance by providing a financial assistance to the poorest families.


NESKAO project to built 5 new school.


NESKAO will soon be involved in
the research of organic fertilizers and
drip irrigation system solutions

necessary to protect the health of planters and the environment.

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