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Quality insurance

NESKAO is dedicated to producing and delivering products of the highest quality possible - as much as it can. 


The Quality Control ensures the final products meet quality and safety standards as well as NESKAO customers’ requirements and specifications contractually defined.

NESKAO has implemented rigorous protocols of production and has established labs controls at production facilities to test its products. 


As NESKAO processes unconventional cocoa beans, industrial wastes and residues of cocoa. It pays a particularly close attention to cross contamination. We are treating the raw material by the subsequent sterilisation and roasting phases, thus avoiding the crushing of any micro-contamined products.


Samples are collected and analysed throughout the production process, rejecting all those not meeting the requirements and limiting set by the Quality Service. Before being shipped, goods are sealed and the packaging is checked to ensure that they comply with the customers' requirement and specifications.


Specific tests can be done on demand, by an independent surveyor (as SGS or CWT) or by specialised external laboratories like l'ANADA (National laboratory).

NESKAO substandard cocoa paste, is as stable as any conventional cocoa liquor/mass.

Our in-house laboratory monitors each step of production, thus warranting the quality of our output during the whole process.

Every raw material, machinery and every procedure is analysed to ensure the best quality product possible regarding our specific quality of raw material.

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