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NESKAO is a family-owned company located in Abidjan, IVORY COAST, first worldwide country cocoa producer.


What’s NESKAO aim?

Recycle and valorise some “under-grade cocoa beans"-100% COTE D’IVOIRE ORIGIN -, into a semi-finished substandard cocoa product perfectly suitable
for many industries.


Through an innovating and safety-controlling process,
NESKAO provides natural cocoa products and by-cocoa products at attractive prices on the international market.


NESKAO's production and sales provide the best relation between quality and price for unconventional cocoa products.


NESKAO’s keys of success

Innovation - Safety - Good Pricing

NESKAO’s Capacity and growth

More than 150 people are the direct workforce of 
the factory implanted on a land of  25 000 m2, located in the centre of the Industrial Zone of VRIDY in Abidjan... 

...and about 8 000 people are indirectly work for NESKAO in the cocoa supply chain.


It is presently fair to say that NESKAO has a nice orderly growth rate.

Existing NESKAO capacity of production is

 Cocoa Paste 12 000 MT/year


June 2017, NESKAO will launch two new cocoa products:

Natural Cocoa Butter 5 000 MT/year 

Natural Cocoa Cake15 000 MT/ year 

NESKAO cocoa products are worldwide exported.

NESKAO's project history

NESKAO’s project of valorisation of under-grade cocoa beans and cocoa by-products into some new cocoa products started in 2012. 

In 2012, the Conseil Café - Cacao, the authority responsible for the regulation of Coffee and Cocoa in Ivory Coast and in charge to pursue the Quality Cocoa Reform initiated in 2011 by Excellency, the President of the Republic of COTE D'IVOIRE, Mr. Alassane OUATTARA (in order to upgrade Ivorian cocoa quality), was really interested by any innovative solutions proposed by NESKAO. Then, from the outset, the Government of Ivory Coast gave us its support.

Indeed, NESKAO’s project contributes "to upgrade the cocoa supply chain", insofar as we are collecting and processing unconventional cocoa beans which would be prohibited from exportation if they would not been going through a local transformation process.

In 2013, NESKAO obtained from the Conseil Café - Cacao of COTE D'IVOIRE, its specific licence "Agrément hors normes" allowing us to process unconventional cocoa products locally.


During the first quarter 2014, NESKAO received its allowance to export with a new specific international
customs nomenclature specially design-ed for NESKAO's unconventional cocoa products. 

Its fair to say that obtain this custom code was a feat,
considering that this nomenclature had to be approved by
12 countries of the West African Monetary and Economic Union (also known
under the French acronym, UEMOA).

Thus, after almost 3 years of Research and development, legal and economic struggle and negotiations, NESKAO became the first and only legal processor able to grind “under-grade cocoa beans ” and unconventional cocoa products into a qualitative products called NESKAO substandard Natural Cocoa Paste.

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