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Expertise & Market

NESKAO holds a unique position in the cocoa industry in Africa and worldwide on its niche market.

As NESKAO understood that the cocoa industry market had evolved, NESKAO decided to improve its methods
to meet a new segment of the cocoa market.

NESKAO propose healthy and safe cocoa products, micro-bio guaranteed, but cheaper than conventional cocoa products. 


The demand for that range of product is supported by Asian and Indian emerging markets and the growing needs of all industries using cocoa products and by-products.


Taking a part in the conventional cocoa business since many years, 
NESKAO's experimented management launched its Research and Development team to design some new methods to make a safe but cheaper product.






Recycling unconventional cocoa products ("under-valorised" raw material) has appeared as a very interesting path to explore in order to decrease the production costs and the final price of the conventional cocoa paste, butter and cake.

As an innovative company, NESKAO started by creating some balanced specific recipes, with its perfectly safe exclusive semi-finished product: NESKAO Natural substandard Cocoa Paste.

Today, NESKAO holds “the only licence Agreement”
to process a Natural Cocoa Paste derived from all kinds

of unconventional raw material (under-grade beans) banned from exportation from Ivory Coast.


During the second quarter of 2017, thanks to its specific licence and to this R&D, NESKAO will process and export butter and cake issued from under-grade cocoa beans.

Its achieved expertise allows NESKAO to offer the right price/market, while fully respecting food safety international norms.

Taking safety very seriously, NESKAO makes its priority in always improving its process and quality controls.


After years of research and development, NESKAO produces substandard cocoa paste at an excellent quality/price ratio on

the market. 

Today, NESKAO is the only company in Africa with the knowledge for processing a safe Natural Cocoa Paste, offering an unparalleled quality/ price ratio.

NESKAO cocoa products are competitive and worldwide exported
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